Bizarre and Unique Holidays for October

Bizarre and Unique Holidays for October

It looks like October has had a number of new items added to the list of days that are in observance for one thing or another along with several major holidays. There are also several bizarre and unique “holidays” that are happening this month. Please enjoy this unusual list, and if you are curious follow the links if you want to find out more of what is going on.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

American Pharmacist Month

Apple Jack Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Clergy Appreciation Month

Computer Learning Month

Cookie Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Eat Country Ham Month; International Drum Month

National Diabetes Month

National Pizza Month

National Vegetarian Month

National Popcorn Popping Month

Sarcastic Month

Seafood Month

Weekly Celebrations:

  • Week 1; Get organized Week and Customer Service Week
  • Week 2; Fire Prevention Week and Pet Peeve Week
  • 14th – 20th; Earth Sciences Week

Week 3; Pastoral Care Week 

Daily Holidays, Specials and Wacky Days:

October 1-  National Homemade Cookies Day

October 2-  Name Your Car Day

                      National Custodial Worker Day

October 3-  National Boyfriends Day

                     Techies Day

                      Virus Appreciation Day

October 4-  Sukkot – begins at sundown, date varies

October 6-  World Teacher’s Day

                      Physician Assistant Day

October 8-  Oktoberfest in Germany end, date varies

October 9-  Columbus Day

October 11- Emergency Nurses Day

October 24- United Nations Day

October 31- Halloween

While there are many more worth mentioning please follow this link to continue to find out what other wacky days October has